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Like most people who have worked with fountain pens I have accumulated a lot of parts. On this page I have listed some parts that may be useful to others. When I have more than one of a listed part I will send the best one available at the time. All parts have been reconditioned to the extent possible. For example, gold fill or gold plated vintage parts have been gold plated to eliminate brassing. Prices do not include postage.

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    Parker Duofold

    Clip for Flattop Senior Duofold fountain pen - $60.
    Sorry - these clips are sold out at this time.

    Senior Duofold clip for Deluxe Flattop model -$85. This clip adds the "fourth cap band."
    Note that the clip is not a conventional
    Senior Duofold clip. It is slightly, but significantly,
    different because it accepts the groove in the band.

    Clip for Senior Duofold Streamline Fountain Pen - $95.
    Hard to find in any condition.

    Senior Duofold Streamline Cap: Jade green - $75.
    Near perfect color.
    No cracks or flaws.

    Deluxe Senior Duofold Moderne Black & Pearle Cap. - $50.
    Typical discoloration, but not too bad.
    No cracks or flaws.

    *Senior Duofold Streamline Cap: Big Red* - $75.
    No cracks or flaws.

    Clip for Senior Duofold pencil - $40.

    Barrel, section, Lucky Curve feed, (gold plated) pressure bar,
    blind cap and (gold plated) button for Lady Duofold.
    Excellent condition - very strong barrel imprint.
    This is a flattop (screw-in section). This barrel is plastic.

    Cap for Lady Duofold flattop - excellent condition - no cracks or chips.
    The milling on the bonnet is near-perfect as is the ring.
    This is a red hard rubber cap and, though it fits, it does not match the plastic barrel above.

    Big Red barrel.
    $50 -$100 Depending upon condition.

    Red Hard Rubber Junior Duofold barrel.
    Excellent condition - no chips or cracks - good barrel imprinit.

    Pressure bars for Parker Duofold (or other button fillers) of varying sizes.
    All have been gold plated in an attempt to eliminate corrosion.
    The top pressure bar is a modern replacement which works fine.
    The bottom two pressure bars are the "hanger" introduced by Parker for the
    streamline Duofolds because they used press-in sections rather than screw-in sections.
    Juniors - $15
    Seniors - $15
    Hangers - $20 - SOLD OUT


    Right - Conklin levers - 1920's. Both sizes. All have the hole that retains the pressure bar - $50.
    Sorry - Conklin levers are sold out at this time.
    I have a few with broken holes- they are free except for the postage - $0.
    Left - Pressure bars - 1920's. All have been gold plated in an attempt to eliminate corrosion.
    Small - $20.
    Medium - $30.
    Large - $40.

    Conklin clips 20's and 30's (when I have them).
    Gold plated if brassed.

    Assorted Conklin Caps

    All clips are in good condition.
    Cap bands and clips have been gold plated if brassed.
    The prices of the caps account for the fact that each cap has a good clip (see above).

    Symmetric (black) - standard size 2-1/8" - $55.

    Endura (black) - standard size 2-1/8" - $55.

    Student (orange - small clip) 2-1/8" - $45.

    Student (sapphire - large clip) 2-1/8" - $75.

    Endura Senior Cap 2-5/16" - $125

    Patrician Parts
    Patrician Clip - on cap. Slightly pitted, but not too noticeable.
    Gold plated to eliminate brassing.
    Before you ask, the cap is worthless except as a temporary nib cover.

    Onyx Patrician section and feed. Near perfect condition.

    Onyx Patrician barrel plug. Globe shows very little wear.

    Onyx Patrician cap plug - threaded.

    Other Waterman Parts

    The two types of clips used on Waterman's pens through the 1920's.

    Sterling silver clip.

    Pressure bar for Waterman's 58 pen - gold plated.
    The tang that keeps the bar attached to the lever box has a small section broken off, but it works fine.

    Right - Lever boxes for 1920's (top) and early 30's (bottom) Waterman's pens.
    These lever boxes are interchangeable.
    The tabs on the boxes have been annealed to minimize the possiblitly
    of breaking during installation, but, of course, there are no guarantees.

    Left - Different size pressure bars to fit the above described lever boxes - gold
    plated in an attempt to eliminate corrosion.
    You do not need to buy a lever box to get a free pressure bar.
    Just let me know the size and I will send you one.
    [58 pressure bar (see above) not included in giveaway.]

    Because the color rings on the caps of Waterman's #5 and #7 red
    ripples generally do not age well (most are some combination of cracked, crazed and discolored)
    I sell replacement rings as well as pairs of the white border bands.
    Rings are $40 each and the white border bands are $15/pair.

    I also have an assortment of original rings, none of which are, of course, perfect.
    I will sell the originals to any purist who wishes to replace their original ring with another (fragile) original.
    The price is the same as that of my repros - $40.
    I assume these are originals because of the crazing and splitting - no guarantees.
    They are, however, guaranteed to be original to me.

    Cardinal red Waterman 55. Barrel only - no cap.
    Working. Sac installed.
    Fine point #5 Account nib. Smooth writer.

    Cap for Waterman 52 chased black hard rubber.
    Excellent condition with gold trim, no discoloration and crisp chasing.

    Cap for Waterman 52 smooth black hard rubber.
    The (Clip cap) pocket clip is near perfect.
    The cap lip has been professionally shorted (likely to eliminate a chip).
    The threads are intact and it screws on perfectly.

    Waterman 18 barrel and section (no feed).
    No cracks, chips or personalizations.
    Excellent condition. Superb barrel imprints.

    Barrel for Waterman 15PSF fountain pen.
    Good condition. Crisp barrel imprint. Chasing prettty good too.
    No cracks, chips or personalizations.
    Slightly bent lever box, but it works fine.

    Barrel for Waterman 56 BHR fountain pen.
    No cracks, chips or personalizations.
    Good condition. Weak barrel imprint (except for the 56 on the end).
    Near perfect lever box.

    Barrel for Waterman 55 BHR fountain pen.
    Fair condition. Weak barrel imprint.
    No cracks, chips or personalizations.
    Slightly bent lever box, but it works fine.

    Barrel for later model Waterman #7 red nib fountain pen.
    This pens is the successor to the red ripple models.
    The red dot on the end of the barrel signifies that it sports a red nib.
    Excellent condition. No flaws that I can detect.

    Barrel for Waterman #5 color nib fountain pen.
    Excellent condition with a wave on one side of the lever box.
    Lever works fine.

    Barrel for Waterman 52 red ripple fountain pen.
    Includes section, feed and flexible #2 nib.

    Section/feed/nib assembly for Waterman 52 Cardinal fountain pen - $65.

    Barrel, section and feed for mottled hard rubber Waterman 12 eyedropper - slip cap.
    Excellent condition.

    PFM Parts
    Barrel for black PFM I - V.
    O-Ring installed.

    Plunger cap for green PFM I, II or III.

    Plunger cap for black PFM IV or V.

    Barrel O-rings for PFM I - V.
    These are slightly thicker than the usual barrel O-rings.
    I tired of wobbly plungers and low air pressure so I had these made.
    10 O-rings for $15.


    Wearever cap - 2-1/4" long - 0.45" OD



    Conklin Endura - $65.   Conklin Endura - $50.

        Conklin Toledo USA - $90.       Conklin Toledo - $75.


    Parker Duofold Senior M/F nib mounted in section/feed with sac - $125.

    Parker Duofold Junior - All M/F - $35 ea.

    Parker Vacumatic - Fine - $40

    Vacumatic USA - $50.      Vacumatic USA - $50.    


    Patrician nib - the big one.



              Waterman 6 - $110.


    Fine black PFM nib for PFM III, IV, or V.
    Excellent condition.


    Project Pens
    These are nearly complete pens (many of them are complete pens).
    With a bit of work they should be convertable
    into acceptable writing instruments.
    There are, however, no guarantees on any of them.

    Mandarin Parker Duofold Senior with orange cap.
    (The project is obvious.)

    Mandarin yellow barrel with proper nib, section, feed and blind cap.
    The black hard rubber parts are in excellent condition.
    The large nib is imprinted "Parker Duofold Pen P."
    Excellent condition. No cracks, chips or personalizations.
    The worn barrel imprint is the Small Imprint w/o Lucky Curve banner.
    The pen has a new sac and is ready to write - good writer.
    The orange cap should be considered a "nib cover."
    Cap has a hairline crack, but is functional if not aesthetically pleasing.

    Waterman 7 barrel with Fine Rigid Waterman nib.

    This pen is a superb writer - very smooth.
    A new sac has been installed - ready to write.
    The project is the missing cap. You will be able to use it though because I
    will include a repaired BCHR Waterman 55 cap (#7 and #55 are the same size).
    There is an unobtrusive personalization that can be seen in the pic.

    Waterman ringtop with flexible #2 Waterman nib. (3-1/2")
    This pen is complete except for a sac.
    I dipped it and found it to be a superb writer - very smooth.
    The gold overlay (gold fill I presume) is like new.
    There is an ornate personalization (so ornate that I can't read it).

    Waterman 55 BCHR (5-1/2").
    This pen is in good condition. No chips or cracks.
    No personalizations. Complete barrel imprint.
    It is missing the pocket clip, but the holes for the clip are intact.
    The nib is semi-flexible M #5 Waterman nib - an extremely smooth writer.
    Other than the pocket clip the pen is complete with a new sac. Ready-to-write.

    Waterman 55 BCHR (5-1/2").
    This pen is in good condition. No chips, cracks or personalizations.
    It is missing the pocket clip, but the cap is intact as are the holes for the clip.
    The outstanding feature is the semi-flexible M/F #5 Waterman nib.
    It is an extremely smooth writer.
    Other than the pocket clip the pen is complete with a sac.

    Pelikan Calligraphic Desk pen - 1.5mm Stub Nib (6-1/4").

    The nib on this pen is a very nice 1.5 mm stub nib.
    It appears to be new or at least little used.
    I assume that it takes Pelikan ink cartridges.
    I dipped the pen and it writes very nicely.

    Parker Duofold Big Red - Duofold Senior - 1928 (5-1/2").
    A classic Big Red made of Parker's plastic.
    It has a couple of flaws, neither of which interferes with writing.
    The pen is complete except for a sac.
    The cap is nice and shiny. It had two lip cracks that I sealed (no guarantees).
    The nib is a fantastic 1.2 mm stub nib. It writes beautifully.
    Careful inspection of it shows a tight crack below the breather hole.
    The pressure bar and the button filler have been gold plated.

    Waterman 55 BCHR (Black Chased Hard Rubber) (5-1/2").
    The main attraction here is the #5 Waterman nib. I dipped it and it is pretty flexible and smooth.
    The pen is complete except for a sac and it is missing the pocket clip.
    The chasing is fantastic, especially on the barrel. The barrel imprint is very crisp.

    Waterman 55 BCHR (Black Chased Hard Rubber) (5-1/2").
    There are a couple of very nice features of this pen.
    The nib is fairly flexible and smooth.
    It has beautiful engraved gold filled band around the barrel.
    This engraving on this wide band is so ornamental that I cannot read it.
    The pen is complete except for a sac. It is not pristine, but in decent condition.

    NoName BCHR pen with Waterman Rigid Ideal 14kt nib. (5-1/4").

    The pen appears to be a Waterman 52 look-alike with very crisp chasing.
    There are no chips, cracks, personalizations or barrel imprint.
    The nib is a smooth writer with an XF writing tip.
    It is in near-perfect condition, no cracks - reflections in the pic.
    It never had a pocket clip.
    The pen is complete except for a sac. (I dipped it to test the nib.)

    Waterman 12 PSF (5-3/8").
    Good condition - no cracks or dings. Gold trim (pocket clip and lever). The clip is in great condition.
    The nib is very flexible, but, unfortunately, it needs re-tipping.
    (Waterman #2 nibs are easy to come by and inexpensive, but this one is very flexible.)
    The chasing on the cap is stronger than the barrel. Could be a mismatch, but they fit together perfectly.
    The pen is complete except for a sac.
    Compare with another.

    Waterman 52 BCHR (5-1/2").
    The #2 Waterman Ideal nib is smooth (I dipped it) and fairly flexible.
    The cap (no clip) and barrel match nicely (worn bchr). It is in very good condition, no cracks or chips.
    The pen is complete except for a sac.

    Waterman 52 BCHR (5-1/2").
    The #2 Waterman Ideal New York nib is flexible and a very smooth writer.
    (I couldn't resist installing a sac and using it for a couple of weeks.)
    The pen is in very good condition, no cracks or chips.
    The pocket clip is missing, but the holes for it are present and undamaged.
    The chasing on both the barrel and the cap is in very good condition.
    There is a very tiny scratch (crack?) near the breather hole that does not affect writing.

    Waterman 52 BCHR (5-1/2").
    The #2 Waterman Ideal New York nib is flexible and smooth writing (I dipped it).
    The pen is in very good condition, no cracks or chips. The pocket clip is in excellent condition.
    If the barrel was chased it is now worn. The chasing on the cap is, however, worn so they match pretty well.
    The pen is complete except for a sac.

    Waterman 12 PSF (5-3/8").
    The pen itself is in very good condition - no cracks or dings. The black hard rubber is still pretty black.
    The nib is the wrong nib. It is a Sheaffer two-tone that writes pretty smoothly (I dipped it).
    (Of course, Waterman #2 nibs are easy to come by and relatively cheap in case the buyer wants a proper nib.)
    The pen is complete except for a sac. This model did not have a pocket clip.

    Striped Parker Duofold (4-5/8").
    This pen is sometimes called the second generation Duofold.
    It is in good shape cosmetically, but the nib needs replacement or re-tipping.
    This is an opportunity to work on the filling system of a Duofold
    and to replace a nib on an inexpensive pen.

    Parker 45 (I think)
    This pen is in excellent shape except it is missing the band on the barrel.
    The cap appears to be in near-perfect condition.
    Despite the missing band the cap screws on as it should.
    There are no cartridges or converter.

    Parker Vacumatic 5".
    This pen seems to have all its essential parts, but likely is not working (I didn't try it).
    Here is your chance to try your skill at fixing vacs.
    The only thing I can find that is missing cosmetically is the lower cap band.

    Waterman Taperite.
    This one appears to be complete except for the sac.
    Nothing wrong with it that I can find.
    There is a personalization on the barrel.
    The metal cap is in good condition.

    Sheaffer Balance Oversize. Lever filler. 1930's.
    Nothing need be done on this one. Everything works fine. It has a sac.
    The only problem (minor) is the lever (see pic below). It works as it is though.

    I used it for several weeks. It is an excellent daily writer (M nib).
    The nib appears to be in great condition.

    Conklin Endura Black & Bronze flattop (4-7/8").
    This is the standard size conklin flattop.
    The pen is complete except for a sac. Install one and you should have a nice daily writer.
    There is no brassing and the nib is a smooth medium (I dipped it). Everything else looks ok.

    Black plastic Waterman #7 - Purple nib. Lever filler. 1930's.
    The barrel is near-perfect although I have not checked the nib (it has iridium).
    The barrel imprint is very crisp and it has the purple dot on the end with the 7.
    The project is that the cap is missing the clip. So - if you are willing
    to use it without a clip or are industrious enough to replace the clip you
    have a very nice pen. There are a few teeth marks on the cap.

    Parker Lucky Curve pen. Smaller than most Lady Duofolds.
    Everything in good condition except the cap lip.
    Check out the barrel imprint!
    The lip was chipped so I shortened it to even it out.
    The pressure bar as been gold plated in an attempt to eliminate corrosion.
    Iridium looks good. You add the sac and you have a pen.

    Sheaffer White Dot ballpoint desk pen only - no base, no refill.
    Everything appears to be in good condition.
    Install a refill and you have a good desk pen.

    Waterman overlay eyedropper. 0512/POC on the end of the barrel.
    Very flexible Waterman #2 nib. Great writer.
    Makeshift cap that fits perfectly.
    Here is my interpretation of the code: 0512/POC (see David Nishimura's web site)
    1 + POC = screw-cap eyedropper. Correct.
    2 = #2 nib. Correct.
    5 = full overlay, solid gold (I don't believe it. There is no hallmark.)
    0 = gold filled (much more likely)

    Conklin Student Pen.
    This is actually a complete pen, but I am selling it for parts because it
    has a blemish near the fill lever. Otherwise it is OK. Sold As Is though.
    For comparison pen click here.

    Ringtop pen - missing ring - mystery manufacturer.
    Very good condition with a Warrented nib.
    The J-bar was cleaned and gold plated in an attempt to eliminate further corrosion.

    Swan #2 lever filler with fantastic flexible stub (or oblique) nib.
    Complete except for the sac.
    Good condition considering it is more than 100 years old.
    The attraction here is the great nib - superb writer.
    I used it for awhile and then lost it. It resurfaced so I decided to sell it as a project pen.
    Just put in a sac and it is ready-to-write.
    It had a couple of cracks in the cap lip which I sealed with black stuff.
    (It looks pretty good. I may have learned something.)

    Free stuff
    While cleaning up I found these pens and parts that someone may be able to use.
    If so, they are yours for the postage.
    (They may, however, be worth exactly what you pay for them - you decide.)

    Sheaffer of unknown (to me) style. Unrestored.

    NoName desk pen with flex Simplex nib. Works.

    Eversharp fountain pen. Just needs a sac.
    Good condition except the pocket clip is broken off.

    Parker 51. Seems ok to me (hardly an expert.) The jewel is missing.

    Sheaffer lever filler. Complete except for the sac. 1930's.

    Below are some free miscellaneous parts that may contradict my statement above about not including junk.
    But - one person's junk may be another's treasure if you are in need of an emergency part.
    So - I offer this "junk" in case you have a void that one of these caps or barrels can fill until you can
    find that correct replacement on ebay or at a show and make no apology for the offering.
    In addition to the parts pictured I have some sections and feeds that I can also offer to help out.

    Assortment of caps one of which you might be able to use.
    If you need it you will know which is which.
    Don't bother to ask - none have clips.
    Sorry - they are all gone.

    Assortment of barrels one of which you might be able to use.
    If you need it you likely will know which one you need.
    The (previously) green duofold barrel second from bottom is a flattop.
    The discolored Moderne Black & Pearle is a streamlined.
    (Lever boxes removed long ago.)
    Sorry - they are all gone.